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"Giving opportunities to those who take it"

Our Vision
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Unity is a community charity that strives to make a positive impact on the lives of people in our local area. We do this by working to provide homes to homeless people and healthier food to those in need. Through our dedicated volunteers and generous donations, we are able to make a real difference in peoples' lives.
Our mission is simple: to make our community a better place for everyone. We invite you to join us in this mission and help us in our efforts to create a more caring and inclusive environment for all.


Unity is a dynamic and passionate charity that is committed to making a positive difference in the community. Our experienced team of dedicated staff and volunteers are dedicated to creating real change and lasting impact.


Unity is a community charity that offers a variety of services to those in need. Our services are designed to provide support, guidance, and assistance to those struggling with any number of life's issues. Unity's services include counseling, housing assistance, and job training to help individuals and families to re-stabilize and move towards more positive and productive lives.

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